Software development for the world of research

Peer Review

Review your software - Improve your science

Feedback from domain experts is crucial to publishing great science. Our software engineers will review the code used in your research so you can be confident in the accuracy of your published results.

We will provide a report which:

  • Assesses your software from a user and developer perspective.
  • Identifies any programming errors in the code.
  • Outlines potential optimizations and improvements.
  • Provides feedback on whether the code should be considered publication ready.

Relieve your code anxiety

One of the biggest hurdles to publishing research code is the fear that it isn't "good enough". Our peer review process will help you overcome this code anxiety by providing objective feedback in private.

We believe that most researchers have nothing to fear from opening up their research code. Our report will give you a tool to rationally assess the suitability of your code for publication.

"We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress."

Richard P. Feynman

Software Development

Spend your time doing what you love - Science!

As more facets of science come to rely on computers, scientists are spending more of their time writing software. By working with our developers you can get your software written more quickly and reliably, leaving you free to get on with your actual research.

Our developers are:

  • Proficient in a range of languages and technologies.
  • Experienced in the specific needs of scientific software.
  • Scientifically literate and capable of adapting to new problem domains.
  • Passionate about creating high quality, high impact research software.

Modern tools for modern science

The world of software development moves at a frightening pace. We can help you harness powerful new technologies which will allow you to perform cutting edge research.

  • HPC simulations and modelling.
  • Cloud based data processing and analysis.
  • Interactive data visualisation.
  • Web apps for collaboration, teaching and outreach.
  • Crowd sourced research platforms.

Open Science Support

Share more than just your final results

Each generation of scientists produces new knowledge by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before them. The scientists of tomorrow will build on the work of those who publish not only their results, but also their methodologies - their software.

We'll help you make your science more open by:

  • Establishing infrastructure to allow open development of your projects.
  • Training your research team on open development methodologies.
  • Developing an online and social media presence for your projects.
  • Identifying open source replacements for proprietry systems.
  • Building systems to make your results reproducible by other researchers.

Harness the power of your community

By making your research more open you will make it more attractive to collaborators within your community.

Our team will work to open up your research so you can:

  • Attract budding scientists to your project.
  • Develop a community outside of your own lab.
  • Engage with the media and broader community.
  • Demonstrate the value of your research to funding agencies.

Software Project Management

Build great systems - Get great results

Large software projects are notoriously difficult to manage, particularly when you're really trying to focus on science questions.

The engineering team at Breakaway Labs thrive on the challenges of developing large software projects. One of our senior engineers will be happy to help with the management of your project by

  • Assessing project requirements and feasibility.
  • Putting together a development plan for your team.
  • Providing advice on project infrastructure and software architecture.
  • Deploying modern software engineering methods to quickly adapt to shifting requirements.
  • Communicating with all stakeholders to ensure requirements are continually met.
  • Developing with open principles to maximise collaboration and research integrity.

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